IE&EE Division H. H. Dow Memorial Student Achievement Award

The Industrial Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Engineering Division H. H. Dow Memorial Student Achievement Award was established in 1990 to recognize promising young engineers and scientists in the field of electrochemical engineering and applied electrochemistry. This award was made possible by a gift from the Dow Chemical Company Foundation and intended to encourage the recipient to continue their career in electrochemical engineering or applied electrochemistry.

In 2024, the ECS IE&EE Division combined this award with the IE&EE Division Student Achievement Award to create the Industrial Electrochemistry & Electrochemical Engineering Division Student Achievement Awards. Read the full award details and submit nominations here.

About H.H. Dow

Herbert Henry Dow (1866-1930) was a chemical industrialist, prolific inventor, and tenacious businessman. Among his many accomplishments is the development of electrolytic processes to produce bromides, bromine, chlorine and caustic soda, bleach, and magnesium metal. He founded the Dow Chemical Company in 1897.


Bairav Sabarish Vishnugopi (2023)

Arghya Patra
Akshay Subramaniam
Zhongyang Wang
Pongsarun Satjaritanun
Soo Kim
Muhammad Boota
Santosh Vijapu
Matthew Ward Brodt
Young Woo-Lee
Meng Li
Long Cai
Brandon Bartling
Prabeer Barpanda
Sunil Kumar Roy
B. L. Garcia-Diaz
N. Jalani
V. Ramani
V. Basker

J. Zhang
W. He
A. L. Prieto
K. Jeerage
S. Sriramulu
P. Seo
S. Leith
A. E. Thomas
M. Vreeke
S. Siu
J. A. Poirier
G. J. Yusem
R. Bakshi