ECS Celebrates 2023 Peer Review Week

Peer Review Week 2023Announcing the Top Peer Reviewer Recognition Program

“The engagement, commitment, and delivery of strong manuscript submissions peer review reports has significantly impacted The Electrochemical Society (ECS)’s ability to maintain a standard of excellence and rigor in the publication of its scholarly journals. ECS holds its peer reviewers in high regard and wishes to recognize those peer reviewers who represent the standard of excellence that ECS has carried throughout its 120+ year history.”

Adrian Plummer, Director of Publications, The Electrochemical Society

ECS Peer Review Excellence Recognition Program

The Electrochemical Society Peer Review Excellence Recognition Program is designed to celebrate our strongest peer reviewers’ commitment to the ECS Publications programs.

ECS editors rate all of our journal reviews on a scale of one to five, with five representing a review of outstanding quality. ECS will determine the annual top 39 peer reviewers (these will be the top three reviewers from each of the ECS journals’ 13 topical interest areas) based on those ratings and:

The top reviewers will be announced and celebrated during Peer Review Week. They will also be recognized in The Electrochemical Society Interface magazine, offered complimentary one-year ECS membership, and complimentary admission to the Society’s bi-annual spring meeting following the announcement.

Become a Top ECS Reviewer

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Peer Review Week

From September 25-29, 2023, scholarly communication stakeholders, including academic publishers, associations, institutions, and researchers, celebrate the annual Peer Review Week. This year’s theme, “Peer Review and the Future of Publishing,” highlights the changing publishing landscape and the ongoing vital role of peer review in shaping scholarly communication.

ECS peer reviewing vision

It is the vision of ECS to be recognized as the steward of electrochemical and solid state science and technology. By fostering the uninhibited availability of science, ECS can accelerate scientific discovery and innovation, leading the community as the advocate, guardian, and facilitator of our technical domain.

This vision is only attainable with the support of actively engaged peer reviewers. Three dedicated ECS publications editors—Rohan Alkokar (associate editor, ECS Advances and Journal of The Electrochemical Society), Netz Arroyo-Curras (technical editor, ECS Sensors Plus and ECS Advances), and Alice Suroviec (associate editor, ECS Advances and Journal of The Electrochemical Society)—share their perspectives on peer reviewing’s essential role in the scientific process in a recent Physics World article. Read “Peer Review Makes the Grade” to learn more about the Society’s peer review process.

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