235th ECS Meeting: Student Poster Session Award Winners

Two of the three poster winners (left to right): Billal Zayat and Shirin Mehrazi.

Established in 1993, the General Student Poster Session Awards acknowledge the eminence of a students’ work. The winners display an understanding of their research topic and its related fields of interests to ECS.

This year, at the 235th ECS Meeting in Dallas, TX, there were more than 260 students posters submitted to the Z01 General Student Poster Session. Of them, three student posters stood out above the rest.

The recipients of the 235th ECS Meeting’s best poster awards are:

Eligibility for the general student poster session awards requires students to submit their abstracts to the Z01 General Student Poster Session symposium and present their posters at the biannual meeting. Learn more about the general student poster session.

Participants in the session are encouraged to submit their work to ECSarXiv, the Society’s preprint service. Preprints are a way to get your research seen fast and easily. Visit ECSarXiv for more information.

ECS would like to thank the following individuals who served as judges for the Z01 General Student Poster Session:

  • Rohan Akolkar, Case Western Reserve University
  • Josh Gallaway, Northeastern University
  • Jeffrey Halpern, University of New Hampshire
  • Sadagopan Krishnan, Oklahoma State University
  • Juan Matos, University of Concepcion
  • Julie Renner, Case Western Reserve University
  • Brian Skinn, Faraday Technology, Inc.
  • John Staser, Ohio University
  • Eiji Tada, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Jianhua Tong, Clemson University
  • Hiroaki Tsuchiya, Osaka University
  • Petr Vanysek, Northern Illinois University
  • Gabriel Veith, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Wenzhou Wu, Purdue University

You can review all of the Z01 General Student Poster Session abstracts in the online program.

Congratulations to the award winners!


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