235th ECS Meeting Topic Close-up: Large Scale Energy Storage 10

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December 28, 2018
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Topic Close-up #6

Symposium A03: Large Scale Energy Storage 10

Symposium Focus: The symposium is sponsored by Sumitomo Electric of Japan and supported by three divisions in the ECS, IEEE, ETD, and Battery. Funds from these sponsors are used to invite major industrial developers of large scale energy storage systems from the US and Asia and established speakers from the academia, national labs, and DOE Office of Electricity. The main focus of this symposium is on technical issues at the industrial scale and new directions for Large Scale Electrical Energy Storage.

Confirmed Invited Speakers:
Toshio Shigematsu, Sumitomo Electric, Japan
Maria Skyllas-Kazacos, University of New South Wales, Australia
Gary Yang, UniEnergy Technologies, USA
Xianfeng Li, Dalian Inst. of Chemistry & Physics, China
Xiangkun Ma, Rongke Power, China
Mianyan Huang, VRB Energy, China
Huamin Zhang, Dalian Inst. of Chemical Physics , China
Julia Song, ESS Inc, USA
Lu Zhang, Argonne National Lab., USA
Wei Wang, Pacific Northwest National Lab., USA
Vincent Sprenkle, US-DOE Office of Electricity, USA
KY Chan, U. Hong Kong, China
Yi-Chun Lu, Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
Thomas Zawodzinski, U. of Tennessee, USA

Meeting Proceedings: The A03 symposium will be publishing its proceedings in an issue of ECS Transactions. Proceedings from all Dallas symposia will be available for preorder starting Friday, February 15, and will be published online Friday, May 17.


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