237th ECS Meeting with IMCS 2020 Topic Close-up: Electrochemical and Metal Oxide Sensors

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December 2, 2019
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Topic Close-up #1

Symposium IMCS 03: Electrochemical and Metal Oxide Sensors

Symposium focus: There has been a long history to the development of electrochemical (based on ionic conduction; potentiometric, amperometric, and mixed potential) and metal oxide (based on electronic conduction; conductometric) gas sensors. Their optimization and min-iaturization is a source of continued research. The major focus is to improve selectivity, stability, and reproducibility of the sensor response in addition to novel methods for syn-thesis of metal oxide nano-hetero-structures with unique properties and novel sensing mechanisms, and the characterization of the arrays of metal oxide sensors. All relevant topics on gas sensors and biosensors based on electrochemical principles including am-perometric, potentiometric, mixed potential and conductometric devices for both room temperature and high temperature gas sensing are welcome.

Invited speakers

There will be four invited talks as listed below:

Elisabetta Comini, University of Brescia, Italy: “Metal Oxides and Composites in Chemical Sensing”
David Motaung, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research CSIR, Zaire: “Se-lective Detection of Xylene and Benzene Vapours utilizing ZnO-In and CuO-ZnO Based Sensors at Low Operating Temperature”
Zhengjun Zhang, Tsinghua University, China: “Ag-oxide hybrids nanostructures for SERS applications”
Prof. Ho Won Jang, Seoul National University, Korea: “Boosting Gas Sensing Perfor-mance of 2D Materials for Chemoresistive Sensor Array”


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