241st ECS Meeting General Student Poster Session Award Winners

(From left to right) Alexander McLeod, University of British Columbia, and Lena Viviane Buehre, Leibniz Universität Hannover, shared 2nd Prize; and 1st Prize winner Raunaq Bagchi, University of Toronto.

Students submitted nearly 100 posters to the 241st ECS Meeting Z01 General Student Poster Session. Judges reviewed the digital presentations and chose the following for awards. Congratulations to the winners! Please take a moment to celebrate the authors’ excellent work.

Z01 – General Student Poster Session awards

1st Prize – $1,500 Cash

Raunaq Bagchi, University of Toronto
Z01-2279 – “Effect of Surface Chemistry and Morphology on Polyluminol-Carbon Redox Active Composites

2nd Prize – $1,000 Cash

Shared by
Lena Viviane Buehre, Leibniz Universität Hannover
Alexander McLeod, University of British Colombia
Z01-2297 – “Electrolysis Reference Electrode Methodology, and Electrochemical Modelling Applications

General Student Poster Session Judges

ECS thanks the ECS members who served as judges for the 241st ECS Meeting Z01 General Student Poster Session:

  • Alice Suroviec, Berry College, Z01 Lead Symposium Organizer
  • David Hall, University of Cambridge
  • Andrew Hillier, Iowa State University
  • Stefan De Gendt, IMEC
  • Bernardine Rinkel, University of Cambridge
  • Hemanth Jagannathan, IBM Corporation Research Center

Congratulations to the poster winners!

General Student Poster Sessions

Z01 General Student Poster Sessions provide a forum for graduate and undergraduate students to present research results of general interest to the Society. The purpose is to foster and promote work in electrochemical and solid state science and technology, and stimulate active student interest and participation in ECS.

Be sure to visit the poster session at the 242nd ECS Meeting in Atlanta, GA, from October 9-13, 2022. 

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