242nd ECS Meeting Topic Close-up: Advanced 3D Interconnect Technologies and Packaging

Topic Close-up #10

Symposium: D03: Advanced 3D Interconnect Technologies and Packaging

Deadline for Submitting Abstracts:
April 22, 2022


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Symposium focus: This symposium focuses on new materials and integration methods for 3D interconnects and advanced packaging. The aim is to discuss the proposed architectures and applications of 3D integration, and the various enabling materials, processes, and capabilities that are required to bring the technology into full commercialization.

The symposium is timely. Interest in the science and technology requirements of the microelectronics industry is increased due to global attention on the need to secure supply chains; avert shortages of semiconductors in the future; promote investment in the industry; and legislative action such as the US and European CHIPS Acts. The R&D community has to step up efforts to enable advances and breakthroughs in fabrication, assembly, testing, advanced packaging, or research and development for next-generation microelectronics.

Ideally, this symposium brings together researchers to discuss the various merits of the presented 3D device architectures, materials, and fabrication methodologies. All subject matter pertinent to Advanced 3D Interconnect Technologies and Packaging is covered. Invited speakers discuss various aspects of heterogeneous integration: packaging, metrology, reliability, and CAD.

A round table discussion takes place on expanding efforts to increase manufacturing capacity for Heterogenous Integration/3D Integrated Circuits for applications like automotive, AI, and high-performance computing.

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