243rd ECS Meeting Topic Close-up: D01 – Plasma Electrochemistry and Catalysis 2

Topic Close-up #3

Symposium D01—Plasma Electrochemistry and Catalysis 2

Extended deadline for submitting abstracts:
December 16, 2022


Submit today!

Symposium focus: Plasma catalysis and plasma electrochemistry are emerging multidisciplinary fields with converging fields of the gas-solid interface, catalysis, plasma science, and nanomaterials. Papers of interest deal with various aspects of plasma chemistry, plasma-solid and plasma-electrolyte interface dynamics and applications in CO2 reduction, methane reforming, ammonia formation, and other chemical processing applications. Papers dealing with fundamental concepts-involved plasma chemistry and plasma electrochemistry, atmospheric plasma discharges, scale-up studies and their use in nanomaterials processing are also of interest.

This is the symposium for learning more about plasma and for the plasma community interfacing electrochemistry.

Check the Call for Papers for more information.


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