243rd ECS Meeting Topic Close-up: A06 – Solid State Batteries

Topic Close-up #6

A06—Solid State Batteries

Extended deadline for submitting abstracts:
December 16, 2022


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Symposium focus: The symposium focuses on “thinking outside the box” emerging solid state batteries (SSBs) by developing innovative approaches, new materials, components, and characterizations that would address the challenges currently facing SSBs. Special interests and emphases are interfacial engineering, design innovation, and fabrication strategies of anodes, cathodes, and solid electrolyte separators for realizing stable and sustainable SSBs. Moreover, this symposium is intended to provide a platform for the dissemination of new advances and developments in SSBs which comprise new understanding, in situ growth of interphases, cathode architectures, anodes beyond lithium metal, cell designs, and electrochemical testing protocols. 

The symposium features invited talks from subject matter experts, oral presentations by renowned scientists from around the world, and poster presentations from young and energetic student contributors. 

Consult the Call for Papers for more information. 


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