243rd ECS Meeting Topic Close-up: L03 – Spectroelectrochemistry 6

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Symposium L03—Spectroelectrochemistry 6

Extended deadline for submitting abstracts:
December 16, 2022


Submit today!

Symposium focus: Spectroelectrochemistry continues to provide new insights into electrochemical systems as investigators find clever new ways to combine spectroscopy with electrochemistry. The symposium provides an interdisciplinary forum to discuss new techniques and results exploiting spectroscopic techniques for the evaluation of electrode/electrolyte interfaces as well as new concepts and methodologies in the field of interfacial spectroelectrochemistry.

Papers are solicited in all areas of electrochemical science in which spectroscopy has been used to provide new information. Examples include:

1) New methods of spectroelectrochemistry (novel approaches);
2) Novel sampling configurations or applications;
3) New spectral theories;
4) Factors that affect sensitivity, S/N;
5) Intermediates: Stable versus transient in spectro-electrochemical experiments;
6) Single crystal electrodes (adsorbates and deposits);
7) Various system components, including bulk redox systems, electrolytes, and electrode surfaces.

Consult the Call for Papers for more information. 


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