244th ECS Meeting: Battery Topics

Interested in the battery field? Check out these exciting symposia and related topics taking place at the 244th ECS Meeting from October 8-12, 2023, in Gothenburg, Sweden. Submit your abstract and join us!

Submit your abstract

Extended abstract deadline: April 21, 2023

These exciting symposia focus on batteries and energy storage:
  • A02—Lithium Ion Batteries
  • A03—Battery Safety and Failure Modes 4
  • A04—Next Generation Batteries
  • A05—Electrochemical Interfaces in Energy Storage: Theory Meets Experiment
  • A07—Interplay between Temperature and Battery Phenomenon
Call for Papers

See the Call for Papers for detailed information!

Check these related topics:
  • A01—New Approaches and Advances in Electrochemical Energy Systems
  • A06—New Developments and Applications of Electrode Binders for Rechargeable Battery and other Electrochemical Systems
  • H05—Electronic, Thermal, and Electrochemical Properties of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) 3: Technology, Applications, and Emerging Devices
  • I01—Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers (PEFC&E23)
  • I04—Ionic and Mixed Conducting Ceramics 14
  • L09—Physical and Electrochemical Processes at Flow Battery Electrodes
  • L10—Interfacial Analysis for Energy Storage
  • Z01—General Student Poster Session
  • Z02—Electrochemistry in Space 3
  • Z03—Young Researchers in Europe: A Special Symposium and Workshop

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