244th ECS Meeting – It Could be Verse: An Evening of Poetry

244th ECS Meeting – It Could be Verse: An Evening of PoetryCall for Poems

Join us for an evening of international poetry at the Society’s fall meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden. The session is a showcase for ECS members’ and attendees’ wide variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Intended to be fun, it will be very informal and amateur in nature!

“It Could be Verse” is a cultural entertainment event. Participants are invited to recite or read a poem, sing, play music or simply listen. Poems can be ancient or modern, well-known works by famous poets, more obscure poems, or personal compositions on any topic, in English or their native tongue, whichever is most comfortable. Poems do not need to be related in any way to science, although science-related poems are welcome.

Participants without prior experience in poetry reading or recitation are highly encouraged. This is an opportunity for both technical and non-technical meeting attendees to participate.

If you would like to present a poem or sing or play music, please contact the organizers:

“Nowhere would anyone grant that science and poetry can be friends. They forgot that science arose from poetry, and did not see that when times change, the two can meet again on a higher level as friends.”
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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