244th ECS Meeting Topic Close-up: A03 – Battery Safety and Failure Modes 4

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A03—Battery Safety and Failure Modes 4

Deadline for submitting abstracts:
April 7, 2023

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Symposium focus: The severity of an energetic battery safety mishap has the potential to make high specific energy battery chemistries an at-risk technology for high-reliability applications. As such, improvements in cell and battery safety design without compromising performance continue to be a major focus for researchers, manufacturers, and users across all sectors of the energy storage marketplace. Safe passenger travel in emerging modes of electrified transportation (such as commercial aviation, marine, and novel ground transport applications) is enabled by safe, rechargeable battery technologies. An improved understanding of rechargeable battery failure mechanisms facilitates regulatory agency approvals and public acceptance of early deployment of advanced battery energy storage systems for high-reliability applications.

The goal of this symposium is to address battery safety from the perspective of materials, cell, and battery-level design improvements, which reduce the severity and consequences of an energetic safety incident. Special topics to be discussed include advanced techniques in adiabatic and isothermal calorimetry for safe battery design; materials characterization, diagnostics, and prognostics from in situ, in operando, and postmortem techniques; and safety characteristics of next-generation rechargeable cell technologies (such as solid state, lithium metal, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and redox-flow).

Internationally recognized experts leading research and development efforts in the broad field of battery safety have been invited from Europe, North America, and Asia. Invited speakers from Sandia National Laboratories; Exponent, Inc.; European Commission DG Joint Research Centre; US Naval Research Laboratory; and the Nagaoka University of Technology are confirmed.

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