244th ECS Meeting Topic Close-up: E02 – Electrodeposition of Porous Materials and Materials with Complex Geometries

Topic Close-up #13


E02—Electrodeposition of Porous Materials and Materials with Complex Geometries

Extended abstract deadline: April 21, 2023

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Symposium focus: This symposium covers recent advances and perspectives in the fabrication of materials with complex and porous geometries, as well as the three-dimensional assemblies of micro- and nanostructures that are central to many disciplines, such as energy storage, catalysis, sensing, and electronics. The symposium provides a forum for discussion of various electrodeposition approaches and fundamental aspects in the design of nanoporous materials and structures with complex geometries in a controlled and reproducible manner.

Areas of interest include:

  • Experimental and theoretical work on synthesizing nanoporous materials by dealloying;
  • Electrodeposition of porous and hierarchical materials using surfactants and/or templates;
  • Electrochemical 3D printing and their applications.

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