245th ECS Meeting: Carbon Nanostructures and Devices Topics

Are you interested in carbon nanostructures and devices? Check the exciting symposia focused on carbon nanostructures and devices and related topics scheduled for the 245th ECS Meeting in San Francisco, CA, from May 26-30, 2024. Submit your abstract and join us!

Submit your abstract

Abstract deadline: December 1, 2023

These exciting symposia focus on carbon nanostructures and devices:
  • B01—Carbon Nanostructures for Energy Conversion and Storage
  • B02—Carbon Nanostructures in Medicine and Biology

  • B03—Carbon Nanostructures – From Fundamentals to Devices

  • B04—Nano in India

  • B05—Fullerenes – Endohedral Fullerenes and Molecular Carbon, in Memory of Bob Curl

  • B06—2D Layered Materials from Fundamental Science to Applications

  • B07—Light Energy Conversion with Metal Halide Perovskites, Inorganic/Organic Hybrid Materials, and Dynamic Exciton

  • B08—Porphyrins, Pthalocyanines, and Supramolecular Assemblies

  • B09—Nano for Industry

  • B10—On-Surface Synthesis of Carbon Nanomaterials

Call for Papers

See the Call for Papers for detailed information!

Check these related topics:
  • D04—Quantum Dot Science and Technology 3
  • Z01—General Student Poster Session
  • Z05—Materials, Devices, and Systems for Neuromorphic Computing and Artificial Intelligence Hardware

For additional information on symposia offered at the 245th Meeting, review topic close-ups.

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