245th ECS Meeting Topic Close-up: E01 – Magnetic Materials, Processes and Devices 16

Topic Close-up #11

Symposium: E01—Magnetic Materials, Processes and Devices 16

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Deadline for submitting abstracts:
December 1, 2023
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Symposium focus: This symposium brings together electrochemists, physicists, engineers, and device designers working in the area of magnetic thin-film technology, to review the present state of the field and point out fruitful new ideas for research. Materials of interest include Fe, Co, Ni, and their alloys, and laterally patterned, laminated or compositionally modulated structures including nanowires and self-organized films. The symposium further covers subjects specific to the fabrication of thin-film heads, microelectromechanical systems, micromotors, and other magnetic devices, as well as magnetic materials for inductors and transformers in RF devices, magnetic oxides, and ferroelectrics.

We encourage you to submit a contribution to the E01 symposium before December 1, 2023. Access the submission site by following the link above.

Organizers: Stanko Brankovic, Luca Magagnin, and Adriana Ispas

For more information, please consult the Call for Papers.


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