245th ECS Meeting Topic Close-up: I06 – Energy Conversion Based on N, P, and Other Nutrients 3

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Symposium: I06—Energy Conversion Based on N, P, and Other Nutrients 3

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Deadline for submitting abstracts:
December 1, 2023
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Symposium focus: Recovery, conversion, and reuse of energy-dense/expensive molecules like N and P compounds have attracted increasing attention in the electrochemistry community as we increasingly need green energy carriers, and to address global nutrients and water/energy sustainability issues. Significant R&D effort is ongoing in the field to develop efficient and safe processes for fuel and nutrient recovery. There is also a need for ongoing conversations in the scientific community around experimental techniques, controls, and methodology to ensure robust and accurate results in this emerging area. As such, a statement regarding controls is required in the abstract (e.g., argon controls, isotope labeling, and assessing NOX contaminants for electrochemical reduction of nitrogen to ammonia). In this symposium, the following topics are of interest:

1) Using electrical energy to convert nitrogen-containing compounds into useful products;
2) Using nitrogen-containing compounds as fuel which may also produce other useful byproducts;
3) Electrochemically driven nutrient recycling or recovery;
4) Experimental techniques, controls, and methodology to ensure rigorous evaluation of performance.

Confirmed Invited Speakers:

David Jassby, University of California, Los Angeles
Bryan Goldsmith, University of Michigan
Xiaofeng Feng, University of Central Florida
Elizabeth Corson, University of Kansas
Reza Nazemi, Colorado State University

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