Are Your ECS Emails Going to Spam?

Are your incoming ECS emails being triggered by Junk mail filters? If you’ve seen a drop in ECS emails or aren’t receiving your subscribed ECS email content, this may be the case.

Here are some tips to prevent this from happening.


  • Check your Junk folder:
  • Go to Junk Email
  • Right-click on any email
  • Select Junk > Junk Email Options…
  • Click on the Safe Senders tab, Add
  • Click Apply Ok

Still not working? Here is a list of other options you may try as well.


  • Open Google Mail and click Settings > Filters Create a new filter
  • Enter the email address in the From field
  • Click Create filter with this search
  • Select Never send it to spam
  • Click Create Filter

Click here for more options.


  • Select the Spam folder
  • Select the email that was wrongfully sent to junk mail
  • Click Not Spam

Update your communication preferences

While you’re at it, update your “Communication Preferences” in your ECS profile. Once you log on:

  • Select My Communication Preferences under My Account Links, on the right-hand side
  • Check off all the email content you’re interested in receiving!
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