Gamry Turns 35 and Going Strong

Gamry celebrates 35 yearsGamry Instruments is excited to announce our 35th anniversary. From the beginning, our goal was to make the best possible measurement at the most affordable price. Our ground-breaking design made computer-controlled potentiostats more accessible than ever. Gamry was the first manufacturer to put a potentiostat inside a computer, the first potentiostat to run on Microsoft Windows, the first to add EIS to a potentiostat without an external FRA, and the first to give you fully customizable software. It has been an exciting journey and we wouldn’t be where we our today without the help of our users. We anticipate 2024 to be an exciting year for Gamry with several new innovations coming out. So, at 35 we are still Going Strong. Many thanks to all of you for helping make Gamry a success.

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244th ECS Meeting DEVguide is Live!

The Electrochemical Society’s Digital Exhibitor & Vendor Guide (DEVguide) is now available.

Today and tomorrow’s top electrochemists, solid state science engineers, scientists, and industry leaders search here.

Review the latest electrochemistry and solid state science products in real time. DEVguide is designed for ease of navigation on any platform, making user experience highly positive. (more…)

The 244th ECS Meeting Exhibit Hall in Gothenburg, Sweden, is sold out. ECS can no longer accept names for the waitlist.

A total of 52 exhibitors covering 55 booths will be present at the meeting, displaying the greatest innovations in the industry, including cutting-edge instruments, materials, systems, publications, and software, as well as other products and services. Don’t miss this great opportunity to network—or discover the strategies and best offerings of the industry’s top brands.

Review the list of 244th ECS Meeting exhibitors.


ECS’s corporate programs place you front and center with leading researchers and scientists around the world. Reach the right people in the electrochemical and solid state science industry with our range of marketing services—and propel your marketing to the next level.


Take a smart step: view the Digital Exhibitor & Vendor Guide (DEVguide)!



Take a smart step: view the Digital Exhibitor & Vendor Guide (DEVguide)!

Grab a target audience’s attention of as our community views—in real time—the latest electrochemistry and sold state science products. Ease of navigation is at your fingertips as the DEVguide navigates seamlessly on any platform. In today’s world where everything is digital, the DEVguide is the perfect way to reach your target audience.

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240th ECS Meeting Sponsorships

Exhibit, sponsor, advertise with ECS meetingsSponsoring events at the digital 240th ECS Meeting gives brands visibility and reinforces industry leadership positions.

Sponsor the Plenary Session to stand out at the most highlighted technical event.

Kick off the meeting with your brand front and center at the Opening Ceremony.

Advertise in the online program to plug into the global digital reach of 8,000+ ECS members.

Don’t miss out!

Contact Anna Olsen at  today!

For more information about Exhibiting, Sponsoring and Advertising with ECS, consult ECS Corporate Opportunities webpage.


Take a smart step: view the Digital Exhibitor & Vendor Guide (DEVguide)!

In today’s world, where everything is digital, the DEVguide is the perfect way to reach your target audience. Grab their attention as our community views the latest products in electrochemistry and solid state science in real time. Effortless navigation is at your fingertips as the DEVguide easily navigates on any platform. 


New deadline is May 7, 2021

Strategically showcase your organization and product(s) in the ECS Digital Exhibitor & Vendor Guide.

Connect to our community!

239th ECS Meeting with IMCS 2021
Digital Meeting
May 30-June 3, 2021
– Important deadlines
– Exhibit and sponsor (more…)

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