The ECS Detroit Section invites you to join Sergiy Kalnaus for his webinar on Thursday, December 16, 2021.

Date: December 16, 2021

Time: 1900h ET
Cost: Free


Sergiy Kalnaus
Staff Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (more…)

Event information

Data-driven design and application of corrosion-resistant low-alloy steels 
Presenter: Xiaogang Li, University of Science and Technology Beijing
Date: November 18, 2021
Time: 0800h EST
CorroZoom website:

*Attendees will be able to pick to listen either to Prof. Li speak in Chinese or to a simultaneous translation. Q&A will also use simultaneous translation*

You must register in advance for this webinar (registration is free) (more…)

Byron Gates and Jeff Warren lecture on July 23, 2021

The ECS British Columbia Student Chapter invites students, post-docs, professors, and anyone interested in electrochemistry, materials, or renewable energy, to our 10th Annual Young Electrochemists Symposium. This milestone meeting is online via Zoom due to the unprecedented nature of COVID-19. Hopefully, this is the last online meeting before we gather in person again. 


We hope to see you soon at our symposium,

ECS British Columbia Student Chapter


Plan Ahead to Buy Lab Equipment

Alex Peroff, Ph.D.Alex Peroff, Ph.D.
Electroanalytical Scientist
Pine Research Instrumentation

We live in a world of instant gratification. Whether it’s streaming video from Netflix, food from Doordash, or next-day delivery from Amazon, we can have it with the click of a button. And in large part, scientific equipment suppliers are keeping up. From online portals generating fast purchase orders, to maintaining sufficient inventory, scientific equipment suppliers are meeting the needs of research scientists. However, as I mentioned briefly in an earlier ECS Blog post, COVID has affected the global supply chain, and its impact has trickled down to scientific equipment suppliers.

Most news headlines reflect the microchip shortage and its impact on the automobile industry. However, the microchip supply is not the only culprit. Automobile manufacturers grew accustomed to receiving parts quickly. As a result, they never kept extra chips in stock. Why keep additional inventory when it could be delivered at a moment’s notice? While it is undoubtedly a more economical and efficient system, its a vulnerability when your supplier can’t deliver on time. Having spare equipment to do your work is a lesson I learned early on when I was a graduate student. (more…)

Don’t miss the last webinar of CorroZoom Season 1: Molecular Modeling of Corrosion Inhibitors

Time and Date: June 9, 2021 at 0800h EST
Registration is free
Anton Kokalj
Department of Physical and Organic Chemistry
Jožef Stefan Institute
Ljubljana, Slovenia

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.


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NGenE 2021 Workshop: Inescapable

Streaming on YouTube June 14-16, 2021

Recent years have witnessed a boom in research areas leveraging electrochemistry for diverse uses and applications. The sixth annual Next Generational Electrochemistry Workshop—NGenE 2021—showcases the stunning breadth of topics that now depend on advances in electrochemical knowledge. Simultaneously, NGenE 2021 highlights how many unresolved questions cut across possible applications, meaning that progress at a fundamental level can have a widespread technological and social impact. 

The Electrochemical Society is a sponsor of the NGenE 2021 Workshop.

NGenE 2021: Inescapable
June 14-16, 2021
Where: Livestream via NGenE’s YouTube channel
Information and sign up for updates*
The FREE online program is open to anyone interested in learning more!

* Doctoral students and postdocs interested in being “in the room” with the panel, contact Thomas at


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Presented by Prof. Daniel A. Scherson and Prof. Henry S. White from August 16-20, 2021

Daniel A. Scherson

Daniel A. Scherson

Henry White

Henry S. White

Event info
Annual Workshop on Electrochemical Measurement
Second Virtual Online Edition
Theory and Hands-on Experiments

Daniel A. Scherson
Case Western Reserve University

Henry S. White
University of Utah


StorageX International Symposium

Building Energy Efficiency and Energy Storage

Sponsored by Stanford’s StorageX Initiative

Join Stanford StorageX for an interactive symposium series on the latest advances and breakthrough research in energy storage.

Global experts will cover materials, devices, systems, theory, simulation, and economics across the spectrum of energy storage applications – from electronics and EVs, to backing up the grid and renewables.

The series, hosted by StorageX faculty co-directors Yi Cui and William Chueh, is free and open to the public, registration required.

Dian Grueneich, Alexi Miller & Grace Relf

Friday, May 21, 2021: 7:00-8:45am Pacific Time
(14:00-15:45 GMT) (more…)

Focus on: The ECS Canada Section

Some attendees and sponsors of the digital 2020 ECS Canada Section Fall meeting.

Some attendees and sponsors of the digital 2020 ECS Canada Section Fall meeting.

A network of electrochemical researchers in Canada who are members of The Electrochemical Society (ECS) came together to form the ECS Canada Section. They aim to support electrochemical researchers and students throughout the country, and host semi-annual symposia. An important form of support are the division awards: the Canada Section Electrochemical Award, R.C. Jacobsen Award, and W. Lash Miller Award.

Biannual symposia

Current Challenges and Recent Advances in Electrochemical Technologies for a Sustainable Society, the section’s highly successful Fall Symposium (December 12, 2020), was organized and hosted by Dr. Byron Gates (Simon Fraser University, Canada) and members of his research team: Audrey Taylor, Merissa Schneider-Coppolino, Alexi Pauls, Kelsey Duncan, Rana Faryad Ali, Sakshi Sharma, and Dr. Gurbinder Kaur.

Don’t miss Electrochemistry for a Sustainable and Healthier Future, the section’s Spring Symposium on May 15, featuring keynote speaker Dr. Wolfgang Schuhmann, FRSC, Principal Investigator at Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany, along with presentations by Shelley Minteer from the University of Utah, U.S., and representatives from leading Canadian institutions,  Sanela Martic (Trent University), Maria de Rosa (Carleton University), David Herbert (University of Manitoba), Leanne Chen (University of Guelph), and Philippe Dauphin Ducharme (Université de Sherbrooke). (more…)

StorageX International Symposium
Sponsored by Stanford’s StorageX Initiative

Novel Aqueous & Non-aqueous Chemistries for Energy Storage
Friday, April 23, 2021
7:00am-8:45am Pacific Time (14:00-15:45 GMT)

StorageX’s Symposium spotlights “Novel aqueous and non-aqueous chemistries for energy storage” this week. (more…)

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