Call for Nominations: A National Academies’ Study on the Future of Biophysics

A message from The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

In 1933, ten years after winning the Nobel Prize, Neils Bohr lectured on the importance of applying the principles of physics to the field of biology and living organisms. Over the last several decades, the field of biophysics has generated incredible discoveries, from helping scientists understand the structures of molecules inside of a cell, to predicting and replicating the mechanical movements of large mammals.

About the study

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine is undertaking a decadal survey of biophysics that will evaluate the current state of the field and identify important future research directions. This study, funded by the National Science Foundation, will serve as a guide for federal agencies and academic leadership as they make decisions regarding biophysics funding, workforce, and research portfolios.

How you can help

Community input for this study is critical—particularly given the interdisciplinary nature of the field—and we need your help to select the best committee possible. We hope to assemble a diverse committee of experts, including diversity of gender, race, field of study, and level of seniority, in addition to other factors. The committee will consist of 12-16 experts who will meet 3-4 times over the next year to discuss and write a report on key accomplishments and future directions for the field of biophysics.

If you, or someone you know, would be a good fit for this study, please submit their name and information using this link.

In addition to assessing the current state of the science and identifying important knowledge gaps, the committee will also assess the workforce and education needs of the field. Because of this, we are looking for nominations of individuals who have worked on and thought about issues of science education and science policy, particularly around the field of biophysics.

Calling electrochemists

We are reaching out to The Electrochemical Society because of the deep connections between the life sciences and the field of electrochemistry. We hope that you will spread this message to your colleagues and help us identify candidates for a committee to review the field of biophysics and identify an exciting vision for the field. These important findings will be presented to funding agencies and researchers and help shape the future of biophysics research.

Learn more about the study and sign up for updates on our website at

Bohr, N. Light and Life. Nature. (1933) 131: 421-423.


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