ECS Authors Receive China: Top Cited Paper Awards

Please join ECS in celebrating our China: Top Cited Paper Awards winning authors.

Our publishing partner, IOP, presents these awards to papers in the top one percent (1%) of the most-cited articles recently published in IOP journals with corresponding authors based in China. The top cited papers are identified based on data from Clarivate’s Web of Science during the period of 2020 to 2022.

We congratulate all the China: Top Cited Paper Awards authors on their outstanding achievements and are proud to amplify their work within the scholarly record.

China: Top Cited Paper Award ECS authors

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Review—An Unpredictable Hazard in Lithium-ion Batteries from Transition Metal Ions: Dissolution from Cathodes, Deposition on Anodes and Elimination Strategies Weishan Li
Discharge Behavior of Mg–Sn–Zn–Ag Alloys with Different Sn Contents as Anodes for Mg-air Batteries Xiong-Jie Gu, Wei-Li Cheng, Shi-Ming Cheng, Hui Yu, Zhi-Feng Wang, Hong-Xia Wang, and Li-Fei Wang
Facile Synthesis of Co9S8 Nanocages as an Electrochemical Sensor for Luteolin Detection Hao Cheng, Tianhao Li, Xuenuan Li, Jun Feng, Tingfang Tang, and Danfeng Qin
Review—Interfaces: Key Issue to Be Solved for All Solid-State Lithium Battery Technologies Zhanlai Ding, Jianlong Li, Jiao Li, and Cunran An
MnO2 Nanowires-Decorated Reduced Graphene Oxide Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode for Sensitive Determination of Bisphenol A Yaling Tian, Peihong Deng, Yiyong Wu, Junhua Li, Jun Liu, Guangli Li, and Quanguo He
One-Step Electrofabrication of Reduced Graphene Oxide/Poly(N-methylthionine) Composite Film for High Performance Supercapacitors Zhengyang Gan, Nannan Song, Hui Zhang, Zhen Ma, Yinzhu Wang, and Chuanxiang Chen
Raising Lithium Storage Performances of NaTi2(PO4)3 by Nitrogen and Sulfur Dual-Doped Carbon Layer Zhen Jiang, Yuehua Li, Chao Han, Zhiqiang Huang, Xianwen Wu, Zhangxing He, Wei Meng, Lei Dai, and Ling Wang
Editors’ Choice—Review—Impedance Response of Porous Electrodes: Theoretical Framework, Physical Models and Applications Jun Huang, Yu Gao, Jin Luo, Shangshang Wang, Chenkun Li, Shengli Chen, and Jianbo Zhang
Review—Electrochemical Noise Applied in Corrosion Science: Theoretical and Mathematical Models towards Quantitative Analysis Da-Hai Xia, Shizhe Song, Yashar Behnamian, Wenbin Hu, Y. Frank Cheng, Jing-Li Luo, and François Huet
Review—In Situ Polymerization for Integration and Interfacial Protection Towards Solid State Lithium Batteries Tingting Liu, Jianjun Zhang, Wu Han, Jinning Zhang, Guoliang Ding, Shanmu Dong, and Guanglei Cui
Review—Recent Progress in Flexible and Stretchable Piezoresistive Sensors and Their Applications Jing Li, Lichen Fang, Bohan Sun, Xixing Li, and Sung Hoon Kang
Review—Research Progress on Layered Transition Metal Oxide Cathode Materials for Sodium Ion Batteries Fanglin Wei, Qiaoping Zhang, Peng Zhang, Wenqian Tian, Kehua Dai, Liang Zhang, Jing Mao, and Guosheng Shao
Review—Resistive-Type Hydrogen Sensors Based on Zinc Oxide Nanostructures Qiang Ren, Yan-Qiang Cao, Daniel Arulraj, Chang Liu, Di Wu, Wei-Ming Li, and Ai-Dong Li
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