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Recruiters and job seekers come together at the ECS Career Center

The ECS Career Center places open jobs before the most qualified electrochemical professionals. Exclusive Job Flash emails go directly to their inboxes. Find the best professional to take your organization to the next level.


Recruitment continues to mirror our predominantly virtual lives, keeping the search for top talent a priority. Finding quality candidates is easy with the features available on The Electrochemical Society Career Center.

Here are three steps to connect with candidates in 2021:

  • Be strategic with your job title – Job seekers often search by keyword. Ensure your listing appears in search results and your job title attracts attention.
  • Upgrade your listing – Increase job views and exposure with available upgrades so your job posting stands out from other listings.
  • Strengthen your brand – Employer empathy and action guides job seekers’ interest when searching for job opportunities at new companies this year. Convey the right message in your Company Profile.

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Job Seekers

Are you looking for guidance in advancing your career? At the ECS Career Center, connect with expert career coaches and resume writers who answer your questions and help you prepare for your job search.

Online recruitment continues to gain support from organizations looking for top talent. Over the last two years, companies have spent thousands of dollars raising brand awareness at the ECS Career Center to attract more interested job seekers, like you, to fill their open positions.

What this means for you:

  • Talent Pools – Companies create and maintain talent pools for future job openings, so keep your resume up-to-date and check your job seeker account often. You never know when an opportunity might open up.
  • Soft Skills – Recruiters increasingly rely on technology to find candidates with specific skill sets and experience. Since soft skills transfer across functions, be open to offers outside your current job title.
  • Career Fairs – As onsite events have moved to virtual platforms, we are increasingly able to carve out time for networking and interviewing online. Attend as many online career fairs as your schedule allows, and remember your dream job is out there!

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