ECS Announces Publication of Interface Fall 2021 Issue

The ECS Interface fall 2021 issue is now available to read online. This issue, on Electrochemistry for Recycling, is guest edited by Xiao Su, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; Zheng Chen, University of California, San Diego; Jean St-Pierre, University of Hawaii; and Natasa Vasiljevic, University of Bristol. Rob Kelly, Interface’s Editor, invites you to enjoy our special features and news.

Special Features

Electrochemistry for Recycling
by Xiao Su, Zheng Chen, Jean St-Pierre, Natasa Vasiljevic

The Future of Nuclear Energy: Electrochemical Reprocessing of Fuel Takes Center Stage
by Bethany Kersten, Krista Hawthorne, Mark Williamson, Rohan Akolkar, Christine E. Duval

How to Maximize the Value Recovered from Li-Ion Batteries: Hydrometallurgical or Direct Recycling?
by Linda Gaines, Yan Wang

Circular Economy of Polymers – Electrochemical Recycling and Upcycling
by Chockkalingam Karuppaiah, Natasa Vasiljevic, Zheng Chen

Celebrating 100 Years of the High-Temperature Energy, Materials, & Processes (H-TEMP) Division
by Gregory S. Jackson

Technical Articles

The Chalkboard: Stretching Cyclic Voltammetry to Its Potential Limit
by Jean St-Pierre

Looking at Patent Law: Patenting an Electrochemical Invention for Recycling Electronic Waste – A Case Study
by E. Jennings Taylor and Maria Inman

Tech Highlights
by Joshua Gallaway, David McNulty, Chao (Gilbert) Liu, Zenghe Liu, Chock Karuppaiah, Donald Pile

Issue Highlights 

The 2021 Class of Fellows of the ECS
Award Winners
Call for Papers: 241st ECS Meeting, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Community News: Society News, People News, Section News, Student News

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