ECS Membership is Going Green!

Just in time for the celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day, a day known for wearing green, we at ECS are making a conscious decision to become more “green” and environmentally friendly.

If you have renewed your ECS membership lately, you may have noticed a recent addition to all our email communications.

PS: Did you know? We are going green! In the era of sustainability, we want to do our part. Membership renewals for 2015 will be paperless. To request a paper invoice, please contact

As of January 2015, we know that only 4% of our members renew their ECS membership through paper. More and more members are joining and renewing online every day! After assessing these statistics from 2014, ECS’s Development and Membership Services department discontinued the mailing of paper invoices for yearly membership renewals.

Although mailings won’t take place on a monthly basis, we still want to fulfill the needs of our membership who enjoy receiving a paper reminder. To request a mailed or electronic copy of your renewal invoice, contact us at

Have you unsubscribed to ECS communications?
We are happy to assist you in re-establishing communication with us. Contact us at for assistance.

And in the spirit of going green, here are tips to make greener choices in your everyday life!


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