Final Call for Papers: Semiconductor-Based Sensors

Focus IssuesSubmission Deadline: February 14, 2018

The ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology (JSS) Focus Issue on Semiconductor-Based Sensors for Application to Vapors, Chemicals, Biological Species, and Medical Diagnosis is currently accepting manuscripts.

This JSS focus issue aims to cover various active or passive semiconductor devices for gas, chemical, bio and medical detection, with the focus on silicon, GaN, dichalcogenides/oxides, graphene, and other semiconductor materials for electronic or photonic devices. The scope of contributed articles includes materials preparation, growth, processing, devices, chemistry, physics, theory, and applications for the semiconductor sensors. Different methodologies, principles, designs, models, fabrication techniques, and characterization are all included. Integrated systems combine semiconductor sensors, electric circuit, microfluidic channels, display, and control unit for real applications such as disease diagnostic or environmental monitoring are also welcome.

Topics of interest include, but not limited, to the following:

  • Unique semiconductor materials for gas, chemical, and biosensors
  • Electronic or photonic sensor design and fabrication
  • Detection of gas molecules, ions, proteins, peptides, DNA, RNA, cellular response, and tissues
  • Surface modification and immobilization techniques
  • Sensor characterization techniques
  • Sensor models, signal analysis and sensor algorithm.
  • Various transducers include field-effect-transistors, diodes, resistors, surface acoustic wave devices, and quartz crystal microbalance
  • Sensor array for multiple target detection
  • Single molecule and single cell detection
  • DNA sequencing
  • Package technologies for sensors
  • Field-deployed sensor system
  • Portable or mobile medical device

All papers published in this focus issue will be OPEN ACCESS at NO COST to the authors! *

Submission Deadline: February 14, 2018

Submit manuscripts

Be sure to specify your submission is for the JSS Focus Issue on Semiconductor-Based Sensors for Application to Vapors, Chemicals, Biological Species, and Medical Diagnosis.

Papers accepted for this focus issue are published online within 10 days of acceptance. The issue will be created online an article at a time with the final article published in July 2018.

JSS Technical Editor:
Fan Ren
University of Florida, USA

Guest Editors:
Yu-Lin Wang
National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

Rangachary Mukundan
Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA

Ajit Khosla
Yamagata University, Japan

Toshiya Sakata
University of Tokyo, Japan

*ECS is waiving the article processing charge (APC) as part of the Society’s Free the Science initiative.

Find out more about ECS Journal Focus Issues and the ECS Free the Science initiative.


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