NGenE Offers NSF-funded Summer Institute Program at UIC

NGenE class of 2017. Photo credit: University of Illinois at Chicago

Electrochemists—are you looking for the next challenge in your career? Are you prepared to examine the gaps in the electrochemical science field and willing to take a step back to find new, innovative solutions?

Next Generation Electrochemistry (NGenE), a summer institute on the frontiers of electrochemistry, is offering a one-week NSF-funded Summer Institute program at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) June 3-7, 2019 to do just that. Experienced students and young postdocs are encouraged to apply.

Application Deadline: May 1

Jordi Cabana, associate professor in the department of chemistry the University of Illinois at Chicago, says, “The fundamental concepts are presented in a focused manner to serve as motivation to justify the gaps that are selected. The unifying thrust of this edition will be to highlight the diversity of fields in which electrochemistry has an impact today, from energy to biology.”

Not only will instructors guide and teach students participating in the program, but they will also challenge students to apply this information in “thought” projects under the mentorship of NGenE faculty. This includes mentoring discussions between the student teams and the instructors, as well as demonstrations of cutting-edge capabilities at UIC and ANL.

NGenE is designed to allow attendees to dive deep into broad problems in electrochemistry and examine the best way to solve them, in order to approach their research with a renewed perspective as to how it fits in a larger context.

Additionally, it’s hoped that the dialog between current and future leaders in the field will foster novel collaborations and synergies.

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