Call for Nominations: JSS Technical Editor, Carbon Nanostructures and Devices

Deadline: May 27, 2022

ECS seeks to fill the position of Technical Editor in Carbon Nanostructures and Devices for the ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology.

Nominees for this position must possess and maintain scientific knowledge of the scope of the carbon and nanostructures and devices topical interest area, which covers:

  • Theoretical and experimental aspects of all types of nanotubes, graphene, and fullerenes for use in energy, catalytic, and sensor applications;
  • Electronic, photonic, electrochemical, and mechanical devices;
  • Functional materials, and chemical and physical functionalization of carbon nanostructures;
  • Supramolecular assemblies;
  • Biomedical devices;
  • Environmental remediation.

The Technical Editor is appointed for a minimum initial two-year term, renewable for additional terms, up to a maximum of 12 years total service in this role.

Self nominations are due no later than May 27, 2022. Interested candidates should complete the ECS Editorial Opportunities Form and upload all required materials on or before the deadline.


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