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ecs-logoIn 2013, Carlo Santoro received the F.M. Beckett Summer Fellowship from ECS. Through that fellowship, he connected with Dr. Plamen Atanassov at the University of New Mexico to study enzymes and their integration into microbial systems.

Now, Dr. Santoro is working alongside Dr. Atanassov and some of the world’s best microbiologists to develop bio-catalytic materials that will simultaneously decontaminate wastewater and generate energy in a microbial biofuel cell.

Carlo’s story parallels the experiences many of us have had in our own careers. Whether it was a summer fellowship or an important networking event, many of us have benefited from opportunities that impacted not only our academic careers, but our future prospects as well.

carlo-s“I spent a summer at the University of New Mexico learning and integrating enzymes into a microbial system to make a hybrid system. It was interesting; it was a way to learn new things, a way to interact with people in different fields, to learn more. It was a very, very great experience.”
-Carlo Santoro
2013 summer fellowship recipient

At ECS, we recognize that today’s emerging scientists are the next generation of leaders in our field. They will continue to make discoveries and shape our science long into the future. But they need our support now to get there.

Each year, ECS supports students through summer fellowships, travel grants, student chapters, and other critical programs. By giving to the ECS Education Fund, you can help ensure that these valuable programs continue. With your support, we can improve and expand our student programs with:

  • Scholarships to encourage qualified students to pursue higher education in electrochemistry and solid state science
  • Professional development webinars and improved opportunities for skill development and job placement beyond our biannual meeting programming
  • Competitive summer fellowship stipends to fully support our student researchers as they pursue new ideas and forge connections with professionals both within and outside their field.

Please consider making a gift to the ECS Education Fund today.

Thank you for your generous support of our students.

P.S. Thanks to your generosity, in 2015, ECS awarded five summer fellowships, distributed over 100 student travel grants, and approved nine new student chapters (bringing our total to 54 student chapters worldwide). Please donate now to ensure we support even more students in 2016!


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