Gamry Turns 35 and Going Strong

Gamry celebrates 35 yearsGamry Instruments is excited to announce our 35th anniversary. From the beginning, our goal was to make the best possible measurement at the most affordable price. Our ground-breaking design made computer-controlled potentiostats more accessible than ever. Gamry was the first manufacturer to put a potentiostat inside a computer, the first potentiostat to run on Microsoft Windows, the first to add EIS to a potentiostat without an external FRA, and the first to give you fully customizable software. It has been an exciting journey and we wouldn’t be where we our today without the help of our users. We anticipate 2024 to be an exciting year for Gamry with several new innovations coming out. So, at 35 we are still Going Strong. Many thanks to all of you for helping make Gamry a success.

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