Put your 2022 Recruitment Budget to Work

The best way to get your open positions in front of over 5,000 ECS Career Center members and job seekers is through our exclusive Job Flash™ email. These emails receive high response rates from electrochemical professionals, many of whom can’t be reached through other recruitment channels. 

The deadline to include your open jobs in our next Job Flash™ email is Thursday, November 10. Secure your space today!

The ECS Career Center helps ensure your recruitment advertising efforts attract the hard-to-reach candidates you seek. Here’s how:

  • Posting jobs on a niche site like the ECS Career Center exposes them to highly qualified niche professionals instead of the unqualified masses.
  • Upgrading job listings ensures that they appear high on search results, driving significantly more views, clicks, and applications.
  • Supplementing job postings with banner ads builds your brand as a desirable employer and attracts the best candidates.


The Electrochemical Society Career Center provides options to attract diverse candidates and veterans and maximize distribution to job aggregator websites and social media. These upgrades increase your ad’s exposure and get you more candidates faster!


Explore the ECS Career Center

The ECS Career Center connects talent with opportunity! Search job listings; connect with employers; polish your resume; learn about the kaleidoscope of career paths available to you; and explore the next steps toward your personal career goals—all from a single dashboard. To stand out from the crowd, take advantage of the tools the ECS Career Center offers. (more…)

Three Tips to Boost Recruitment

Having a complete and streamlined company profile and logo attracts an elite group of professionals in your industry. The Electrochemical Society Career Center offers free detailed company profile generation and logo upload capabilities to employers. These make it possible for job seekers to locate relevant information about your company without leaving the job board.

Follow these recruiting tips to increase your exposure to qualified active and passive job seekers.


Circumvent common recruitment challenges with the ECS Career Center. Target a few quality candidates with your open jobs and avoid receiving masses of under-qualified applications from other recruitment options. Easily access a pool of talented professionals, allowing you to refine and improve the hiring portion of your recruitment process.

Here are three ways to improve hiring efficiency with the ECS Career Center: