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The 235th ECS Meeting in Dallas, TX will feature six professional development workshops, providing attendees critical opportunities to develop and further their professional careers. These workshops are available to you whether you are a student looking for some help with your resume or a mid-career researcher looking for a refresher on team management. Don’t miss out!

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Maria Inman, Instructor

EJ Taylor, Instructor

Patent Law for Scientists and Engineers (new)

Instructors: EJ Taylor & Maria Inman, Faraday Technology, Inc.
Wednesday 1400-1700h
Majestic 3 (SH)

An interactive workshop that provides an introduction to U.S. patent law and is directed towards researchers from academia, industry, and government entities. The workshop offers a historical basis for the foundation of U.S. patent law in the U.S. Constitution. Learn the statutory definitions of an invention and distinguish between an inventor on a patent and an author on a publication. In addition, the workshop will cover the classes of patentable inventions and the requirements for obtaining a patent on an invention. This is a 3.0 hour workshop.

*Please note pre-registration is required.

Dennis Hess, Instructor

Managing and Leading Teams

Instructor: Dennis Hess, Georgia Institute of Technology
Monday 1000-1200h
Majestic 3 (SH)

Nearly all engineers and scientists work in teams where a leader oversees and guides process/product development and direction. When technically-trained individuals undertake a leadership role, frustration is a frequent outcome, despite technical competency and good intentions. This workshop will discuss reasons why engineers and scientists often find adaptation into leadership roles disconcerting and will explore ways to smooth the transition. This is a 2.0 hour workshop.

Managing Conflict

Instructor: Dennis Hess, Georgia Institute of Technology
Tuesday 1400-1500h
Majestic 3 (SH)

When more than one person is in a meeting, disagreement on the interpretation of results, conclusions, implementation, and subsequent directions is the likely outcome, which leads to conflict. An effective leader has learned how to manage conflict and use it to improve team performance. This workshop will discuss conflict sources and explore ways to minimize the disruption that often results. This is a 1.0 hour workshop.

Michel Foure

Michel Foure, Instructor

Win Funding: How to Write a Competitive Proposal

Instructor: Michel Foure, Berkeley Grant Writing
Monday 1400-1630h
Majestic 3 (SH)

Whether your career takes you to Industry, Academia or a National Lab, chances are that you will be intimately involved in writing research grant proposals. In fact, your career growth may largely hinge on your ability to raise funding. While each proposal is unique, lying at the intersection of the funding agency needs and your technical idea, there are very important guidelines that must be observed in order to maximize the probability of success. As this workshop is interactive, it would be particularly meaningful and useful for the participants to be prepared to work with a real example. This could be a proposal they have submitted in the past or one they anticipate to submit. This is a 2.5 hour workshop.

Essential Elements for Employment Success

Instructor: Michael Foure, Berkeley Grant Writing
Tuesday 0900-1200h
Majestic 3 (SH)

Landing your next job requires selective and effective networking, developing and submitting specifically targeted resumes and cover letters, locating relevant job opportunities and preparing for and participating in the job interview. This workshop will provide up-to-date information and tips for employment success. This is a 2-3 hour workshop.

Resume Review

Instructor: Michel Foure, Berkeley Grant Writing
Tuesday & Wednesday 1400-1800h
Lone Star B/C (SCC)

Bring your resume for a one-on-one session with an industry leader and expert on resume development. You will walk away with a resume that is sure to land you your next interview. To sign-up for a resume review appointment, you must first attend the Essential Elements for Employment Success; registration for a resume review occurs during the Essential Elements for Employment Success workshop. Appointments are 20-minutes in length.

*You must register for Essential Elements for Employment Success in order to participate.

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