Top 10 Science-Themed YouTube Channels

With a vast array of educational channels, YouTube is a perfect medium to get your science fix. Whether you need answers to some of life’s biggest questions or just want to watch things blow up, there’s sure to be something for you.

Here at ECS, we love creating videos about our scientists and their work on our own YouTube channel. Equally, we enjoy browsing the network of knowledge to find the newest and most innovative science videos. Check out our favorite channels that will inspire and inform.

1. Periodic Table of Videos

If chemistry if your forte, Periodic Table of Videos is your one-stop shop for all things molecular and chemical.

What you’ll learn: Interesting facts about all elements on the periodic table, plus some great experiments in blowing things up.

2. Crash Course

Brothers Hank and John Green are teaming up to provide you with a barrage of knowledge in a tiny period of time. The goal? These brothers simply wish to provide useful content to those who want it.

What you’ll learn: Everything. Really, you can get a crash course in everything from redox reactions to the origins of life.

3. Big Think

From Bill Nye to Bill Clinton, Big Think brings in experts from many different fields to discuss some of the most pressing issues of the 21st century.

What you’ll learn: Aside from giving you a glimpse of the future, Big Think keeps you informed on the world around you.

4. Veritasium

The team at Veritasium examine the simplest questions in life, which often have the most interesting answers.

What you’ll learn: Where does the sun get its energy? What is a candle flame really made of? If you have a question, Veritasium has an answer.

5. Talk Nerdy To Me

If the puns aren’t enough to pull you in, just check out the knowledge these Huffington Post Science editors are dishing out.

What you’ll learn: If you’re looking to understand the realities of our everyday lives, this is the place for you.

6. Science Channel

The Science Channel’s motto is simple: question everything.

What you’ll learn: From new technology to earth sciences to space exploration, Science Channel’s content touches almost every area of the sciences.

7. Vsauce

With a focus on hyper-curiosity about the world around us, Vsauce brings knowledge and humor to some very interesting topics.

What you’ll learn: Michael Stevens will present you with answers to some of the most mind-bending questions.

8. Smarter Every Day

With great cinematography and an inquisitive mind, the crew at Smarter Every Day believe you can learn just about anything.

What you’ll learn: You’ll get insight into some cool stuff, some gross stuff, and some very weird stuff.

9. Minute Physics

Physics can be a somewhat overbearing topic for some people, but Minute Physics reveals the intrigue in this area of science.

What you’ll learn: Should you walk or run when it’s raining? What is gravity? Why is it dark at night?

10. Sick Science

Looking for some pretty crazy experiments you can do at home? Look no further.

What you’ll learn: Steve Spangler, the inventor of the Mentos and Diet Coke experiment, will show you some pretty amazing science demonstrations that are sure to inspire young minds.


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