Who Inspired You?

Mr Wizard

Donald Herbert better known as Mr. Wizard.

I’ll be the first to admit I need direction. I was attracted to this job as Director of Marketing and Digital Engagement because I love science and history and I’m a teacher at heart. The ECS mission – dissemination of knowledge – struck me.

Thank you Mr. Wizard and Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson and my 6th grade science teacher Mr. Smott and the movie Race for the Double Helix and Meyer Moore and his dad who introduced me to model rockets just to name a few.

Thomas Edison National Historic Park

A visit to the Thomas Edison National Historic Park

And I should mention that I did have some fast talking to do to convince the park rangers that my then 3-year-old son would not touch any of Mr. Edison’s stuff so I could go on a tour of his house at Thomas Edison National Historical Park.

But, I’ll admit, while I’m a science geek, I’d still be in Ms. Lemke’s 11th grade Chemistry class had it not been for my lab partner Harry Benner. I think he went on to Boeing and I got a job in radio.

So direction as to where this blog goes is welcome. The plan is to create a space where the many voices of the ECS staff and Society members can share up-to-the-minute information and put some context around the news affecting the solid-state and electrochemical science and technology world … not to mention insight into what’s going on here in the home office.

Guest bloggers are welcome. If you have an idea, please reach out: rob.gerth@electrochem.org.

I gave you my short list of science inspirations. Who inspired you?


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