Dominique Guyomard

Dominique GuyomardDominique Guyomard is Director of Research at CNRS and the head of the “Electrochemical Energy Storage and Transformation Team” (EEST) at the Institut des Materiaux Jean Rouxel at Nantes. This team of about 50 scientists and 20 staff researchers gathers activities on batteries, moderate and high temperature fuels cells and electrolysers, and advanced spectroscopies and simulations.

Guyomard’s expertise deals with basic and applied solid state electrochemistry and material and surface science, applied to the fields of Li-ion, Na-ion, Li metal polymer, and Li-S batteries. He serves as expert on energy storage in several national and international academic committees. He belongs to the advisory board of several international symposia, and is co-organizer of several national and international conferences.

He is now President of IBA. He received recently the 2007 IBA Research Award, the 2008 French Academy of Science Award for Science Transfer to Industry, and the 2010 ECS Battery Division Research Award. He is co-author of more than 220 journal papers and 30 patents.