Robert Kostecki

Robert KosteckiRobert Kostecki is often recognized for his groundbreaking work in the field of electrochemical energy storage and conversion systems, photocatalysis and water treatment technologies, which often helped bridge the gap between fundamental science and applications of significant technological importance. As a pioneer in advanced characterization of electrochemical interface in lithium-ion batteries, his research interests focus on fundamental interfacial phenomena that determine the function and performance of electrical energy storage systems, including degradation modes and failure mechanisms.

Among his many scientific achievements, Kostecki is most recognized for developing and deploying novel characterization methodologies, including in situ and ex situ optical far- and near-field spectroscopy and imaging techniques to probe basic properties of materials, interfaces and interphases at the atomic, molecular, and nanoparticulate levels.

Kostecki is currently a senior scientist in the Energy Storage and Distributed Resources Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where he contributes to areas of energy and environment though research initiatives and partner relationships. Additionally, he has served as officer and chair of the ECS San Francisco Section and he is currently chair of the ECS’s Battery Division.

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