EJ Taylor

Inspired by ECS

For nearly 40 years, ECS has been EJ Taylor’s professional home. Taylor joined ECS in 1978 as a graduate student at the University of Virginia, where he studied under Glenn E. Stoner. Because of Stoner’s lifelong involvement with the Society and his work in the field, Taylor was encouraged to get involved with ECS’s community, which he would continue to do for the rest of his career.

“These are lifelong colleagues, friends, and in some ways, mentors to me,” Taylor said. “ECS was just a place that felt like home from the get-go.”

Taylor established himself as a successful researcher and businessman, founding Faraday Technology and leveraging the ECS community to make essential connections and meet the top researchers in the Society’s technical domain. With this, his dedication to ECS grew, prompting him to take up chair positions on multiple committees and serve as the Society’s current treasurer.

“ECS has had such a powerful impact on my career, my learning, my growth; I’ve been able to create a community of family and friends,” Taylor said. “That really inspires me.”