ECS Appoints Ajit Khosla as Founding Editor-in-Chief of ECS Sensors+ Open Access Journal

Ajit KhoslaAlmost two years after approving the charter for ECS Sensors Plus (ECS’s new gold open access journal scheduled to begin accepting submission in 2022), The Electrochemical Society Board of Directors approved the appointment of Dr. Ajit Khosla of Yamagata University, Japan, as the Founding Editor-in-Chief (EIC).

Ajit Khosla

Dr. Khosla has been a valued member of ECS for over 11 years, actively engaging with activities to move forward ECS’s mission. His service includes, but is certainly not limited to, Technical Editor of the Sensors Technical Interest Area for the Journal of The Electrochemical Society and ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology; Chair of the ECS Sensors Division; member of the Symposium Planning Advisory Board; Editor of the very popular JES Focus Issue on Sensor Reviews; Editor of the forthcoming JES Focus Issue on Women in Electrochemistry; and he is currently in the editorial stage of a book to be added to the ECS Monograph series in 2022.

Beyond his affiliation with ECS, Dr. Khosla has presented a strong commitment to the global engineering and technology community, contributing several Invited Keynote talks; collaborating with industry leaders; and supporting the organization and promotion of meetings, conferences, and events such as the upcoming ECS-sponsored First International Conference on Technologies for Smart Green Connected Society 2021.

The addition of Dr. Khosla to ECS Editorial leadership is extremely exciting due to his editorial experience and demonstrated dedication to ECS and the advancement of the ECS mission.

ECS Sensors Plus

ECS Sensors Plus is a multidisciplinary open access journal. An international platform, it provides opportunities to publish high-quality impactful articles and promote scholarly communication and interactions among scientists, engineers, and technologists whose primary interests focus on mechanisms, materials, structures, properties, performance, and characterization of sensing and detection devices and systems, including sensor arrays, networks, and actuators. As a one-stop shop journal for sensors, the goal of ECS Sensors Plus is to advance the fundamental science and understanding of sensors and detection technologies for efficient monitoring and control of industrial processes and the environment, and improving quality of life and human health. 

ECS Sensors Plus begins accepting submission in January 2022.


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