115 Years of Peer-reviewed Research

ECS at 115

There’s a lot of noise in our world today about separating fact from fiction. We are constantly bombarded with volumes of information and data—and we are challenged with what and who to believe?

But when it comes to electrochemistry and solid state sciences, and related fields, be assured that the ECS journals are a source that you can trust. For 115 years, ECS has been publishing high quality, peer-reviewed journals that contain work from YOU—renowned scientists, engineers, inventors, and Nobel Laureates. YOU also provide the high quality and knowledgeable peer review of manuscripts submitted for ECS journal consideration. From our meetings proceedings, ECS Transactions, to our journals, the Journal of the Electrochemical Society and the Journal of Solid State Science and Technology, we maintain rigorous standards that land our publications in the top ranked, most cited in the world.

ECS is also one of the only remaining independent, nonprofit society publisher of electrochemistry and solid state science and technology. With over 3.2 million full-text article downloads in 2016, we are seeing an increase in use of the ECS Digital Library since we have transitioned to hybrid open access, with the future goal to completely Free the Science, ensuring complete access to our entire body of knowledge.

We’re proud of this legacy and we thank you for the contributions that you’ve made to ECS publications through the years.

With the Society’s transition to making all of our content available at no charge on the horizon, now is the best opportunity to support ECS. Your donation means you value and support the next generation of scientists, our lively and substantive meeting programs, and ECS’s initiative to Free the Science, that will ensure that our high quality, peer-reviewed research is freely available to everyone.

Now is the time to support ECS by making a donation or becoming a member today. Support the next generation of scientists, our lively and substantive meeting programs, and ECS’s initiative to Free the Science that aims to make our high quality, peer-reviewed research freely available to everyone.

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PS: All 132,000 articles and abstracts in The ECS Digital Library will be available for free download April 2-9. Make a donation now and show your support for efforts like these.


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