237th ECS Meeting with IMCS 2020 Topic Close-up: Advanced CMOS-Compatible Semiconductor Devices 19

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December 2, 2019
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Topic Close-up #2

Symposium H02: Advanced CMOS-Compatible Semiconductor Devices 19

Symposium focus: This symposium will focus on the studies of new devices, circuits and applications for Moore and More-than-Moore technology.

The More-Moore technology including:

  • CMOS compatible devices, circuits and applications of SOI and Bulk MOSFETs, scaled devices, junctionless FET, multi-gate devices, high-power devices, Tunnel-FET devices, semiconductor sensors and memory devices.
  • Device physics and process technology using new materials for noise issues of devices and circuits.
  • Space applications, including low-temperature electronics and radiation hardness.
  • CMOS co-integration of 2D materials (TMDs, etc.).
  • Self-heating and reliability of scaled MOSFET.
  • Devices with high mobility materials, advanced gate stack.

The More-than-Moore technology, including:

  • New MEMS applications
  • Carbon-nanotube and 2D device applications and others.
  • Sensing applications: Health, environment and security.
  • Advanced packaging.
  • 2.5D/3D stacking integration.
Invited speakers from several countries around the world already confirmed their presence:

Anabela Veloso
, Imec, Belgium; “Nanowire/Nanosheet-FETs for ultra-scaled technologies”

Peide Ye, Purdue University, USA; “Fe-FETs and FeS-FETs”

Lukas Czornomaz, IBM Research, Zurich, Switzerland; “InGaAs-on-Silicon Technology Platform For Logic and RF Applications”

Damien Querlioz, CNRS, Univ. Paris-Sud, France; “Advanced CMOS-Compatible Semiconductor Devices for Neuromorphic Computing”

Zlatan Aksamija, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, USA; “Self-heating in Advanced CMOS-Compatible and 2-dimensional Semiconductor Devices”

Kazuya Masu, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan; “CMOS-MEMS based microgravity sensor and its application”

Hidekuni Takao, Kagawa University, Japan; “Post-CMOS compatible silicon MEMS nano-tactile sensor for touch feeling discrimination of materials”

Walter Schwarzenbach, Soitec, France; “Low temperature Smartcut process and (for) 3D integration”

Bertrand Pavais, Imec, Belgium; “Advanced transistors for high frequency applications”

Abhinav Kranti, ITT at Indore, India; “Compact modeling and simulation of advanced transistors”

Fernando Guarin, GlobalFoundries, USA; “Reliability in advanced CMOS devices”


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