240th ECS Meeting Topic Close-up: Electrodeposition of Reactive Metals and Compounds 2 (No Water Allowed)

Topic Close-up #9

Symposium E03 – Electrodeposition of Reactive Metals and Compounds 2 (No Water Allowed)

Deadline for Submitting Abstracts: April 23, 2021


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Symposium focus: This symposium concentrates on electrodeposition processes from non-aqueous media such as organic solvents, ionic liquids, deep eutectic solvents, molten salts, and from solid solvents and electrolytes as well. Papers are also invited on nonstandard and extreme conditions such as high pressure, supercritical fluids—even from vapor and gas phase. From a fundamental point of view, possible topics are, but are not limited to, the role of speciation of metals in electrolytes; structure of the electrode-liquid interphase; and nucleation and growth phenomena. Papers discussing the challenges associated with setting up, running, and maintaining a non-aqueous plating line are of interest, too.

Electrodeposition and battery experts sought.

The problem of lithium and sodium electrodeposition for battery applications is of special interest to this symposium co-organized by the ECS Electrodeposition, Battery, and IEEE Divisions. Our intention is to bring together experts from electrodeposition and battery communities to impart their vision and approach to the problem. We encourage experts from both fields to submit abstracts, share their work, and participate in the discussion.

Check the Call for Papers for more details.


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