240th ECS Meeting Topic Close-up: Advanced Manufacturing for High-Temperature Materials and Devices

Topic Close-up #4

Deadline for Submitting Abstracts: April 23, 2021

Symposium I05: Advanced Manufacturing for High-Temperature Materials and Devices

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Symposium focus: Advanced manufacturing has found the significant application of high-temperature materials and devices relevant to electrochemistry and energy conversion/storage. Many advanced manufacturing-related activities provide unique opportunities for a wide array of electrochemical energy conversion and storage, electrochemical membrane reactors, chemical sensors, high-temperature electrochemical processing, and high-temperature electrochemical materials. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, experimental and modeling studies of: (1) Manufacturing of energy conversion and storage materials and devices (e.g., fuel cells, electrolysis cells, elevated-temperature solid state batteries and supercapacitors, electrochemical membrane reactors, high-temperature chemical sensors); (2) Experimental and theoretical analysis of laser processing (for sintering, machining, drying, polishing) of high-temperature electrochemical materials and devices; (3) Simulation and automated control of manufacturing of high-temperature electrochemical materials and devices; (4) Rapid consolidation (e.g., sintering) of materials and devices used in high-temperature electrochemical processes and environments; (5) Testing and characterization of high-temperature electrochemical material properties, material microstructures, and devices obtained by advanced manufacturing materials; (6) AI-driven intelligent manufacturing with in situ characterization of materials properties/microstructures for high-temperature electrochemical materials and devices; (7) New advances in manufacturing progress on high-temperature electrochemical materials and devices. This symposium addresses application and fundamentals of advanced manufacturing for high-temperature electrochemical materials and devices and seeks to facilitate broad interdisciplinary conversations.

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