241st ECS Meeting Topic Close-up: Advanced Additive Manufacturing

Topic Close-up #10

Symposium D05: Advanced Additive Manufacturing 2

Extended Deadline for Submitting Abstracts:
December 17, 2021

Symposium focus: Additive Manufacturing (AM) is moving manufacturing beyond the conventional analog model to using digital designs to fabricate three-dimensional products in a rational fabrication processes-based autonomous workshop. For example, AM produced electronics have evolved to produce high-performance components comparable to traditionally manufactured counterparts, as well as enabled novel device form factors that offer substantial advantages over traditional planar designs. AM also brings additional logistic advantages with the ability to print devices on a single machine, in the field, ad hoc, with the ability of quick redesign and repair. However, AM-produced parts are susceptible to the same challenges commonly associated with traditionally manufactured components, in addition to some AM-specific issues, such as highly variable part quality due to inadequate dimensional tolerances, surface roughness, and defects. Transitioning to move AM to a higher state requires intimate and detailed understanding of the science and engineering of materials, and measurement science research and standards development.

This symposium discusses recent advancements in AM, such as laser-enhanced AM to achieve 3D multilayer passive devices and sensors with feature sizes down to 10 µm; process control metrology and strategies; etc. A roundtable panel discussion on the integration of artificial intelligence in AM is also planned. 

Influential researchers and thought leaders from academia, national laboratories, and industry have been invited to participate in the symposium. Additional invited talks may be selected from among the submitted abstracts.

Address any questions and inquiries to the symposium organizers: Yaw Obeng, yaw.obeng@nist.gov; Vimal Chaitanya, vimalc@nmsu.edu; Sreeram Vaddiraju, sreeram.vaddiraju@mail.che.tamu.edu; Uros Cvelbar, uros.cvelbar@guest.arnes.si

Check the Call for Papers for more details.


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