241st ECS Meeting Topic Close-up: Lithium Ion Batteries

Topic Close-up #14

Symposium A02: Lithium Ion Batteries

Extended Deadline for Submitting Abstracts:
December 17, 2021

Symposium focus:  This symposium comprises four distinct divisions including electrode materials development; recent development in electrolytes; surface and electrode characterization and cell manufacturing; and highlights new advancements in enabling safe and low-cost lithium ion batteries with high energy density and fast charging capabilities. This symposium provides a venue to discuss recent efforts in the development of electrode and electrolyte materials for high-performance lithium ion batteries, and transforming basic discovery science in characterization and manufacturing.

Check the Call for Papers for more details.

Invited Speakers

Jagjit Nanda, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Yan Yao, University of Houston
Daniel T. Hallinan, Florida State University
Jianlin Li, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Martin Winter, MEET Battery Research Center
Linda Nazar, University of Waterloo
Mark Obrovac, Dalhousie University
Karim Zaghib, McGill University 
Xueliang Sun, University of Western Ontario 
Jeff Dahn, Dalhousie University 
Lu Zhang, Argonne National Laboratory 
Neil Dasgupta, University of Michigan 
Amy Marschilok, Stonybrook University 
Brett Lucht, University of Rhode Island 
Sehee Lee, University of Colorado 
Yang-Tse Cheng, University of Kentucky 
Jack Vaughey, Argonne National Laboratory
Guozhong Cao, University of Washington 
Y. Shirley Meng, University of Chicago
Michal Leskes, Wiezmann Institute of Science 
Tobias Placke, MEET Battery Research Center 
Palani Balaya, National University of Singapore 
Robert Kee, Colorado School of Mines 
M. Stanley Whittingham, Binghamton University
Juchen Guo, University of California, Riverside 
Deyang Qu, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee 


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