241st ECS Meeting Topic Close-up: Mechano-Electro-Chemical Coupling in Energy Related Materials and Device

Topic Close-up #9

Symposium I05: Mechano-Electro-Chemical Coupling in Energy Related Materials and Devices 4

Extended Deadline for Submitting Abstracts:
December 17, 2021

Symposium focus: This highly interdisciplinary symposium is co-sponsored by the ECS H-TEMP and Batteries Divisions. It provides a forum for the presentation of original research concerned with the interplay between mechanics and electrochemistry. Significant coupling often exists between the electrical, chemical, and mechanical responses of materials enabling batteries, fuel/electrolysis cells, chemical separators, chemical actuators, and other high performance energy conversion/storage devices. In these systems, electrochemical reactions affect stress evolution, deformation, and fracture. Similarly, stress evolution, deformation, and fracture can also impact electrochemical properties, device performance, and durability. Presentations are anticipated to cover a wide range of electrochemical applications, materials, length scales, and novel methodologies, with both experimental and computational submissions welcome. Session themes may include: the effect of stress and strain on atomic or defect structures and corresponding materials properties; stress and strain resulting from (electro)chemical changes such as intercalation and redox processes; electrochemical actuation; operando characterization routes for coupled electrochemical-mechanical phenomena; and meso- or multi-scale perspectives on this coupling.

Invited Speakers
Bilge Yildiz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jeff Sakamoto, University of Michigan
Francesco Ciucci, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Tetsuya Kawada, Tohoku University
Yijin Liu, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Chengcheng Fang, Michigan State University

Check the Call for Papers for more details.



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