241st ECS Meeting Topic Close-up: Nucleation and Growth: Measurements, Processes, and Materials

Topic Close-up #12

Symposium E02 – Nucleation and Growth: Measurements, Processes, and Materials

Extended Deadline for Submitting Abstracts:
December 17, 2021

Symposium focus: Contributions are solicited addressing:

  • Classical and non-classical nucleation in electrochemistry;
  • Manipulating nucleation and growth processes to control morphological evolution during growth, from smooth thin films to anisotropic growth of nanowires, dendrites, and foams;
  • Advanced imaging, scattering, spectroscopic, and electroanalytical tools to probe the above processes;
  • Discovery science and mechanistic studies related to emerging applications in battery electrodes and micro- and nano-fabrication and high value-added electrolytic processes for materials synthesis;
  • Multiscale computational studies.

The content of the symposium will be captured subsequently in a focus issue of the Journal of The Electrochemical Society.

Check the Call for Papers for more details.


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