242nd ECS Meeting Topic Close-up: Electrochemistry of Mononuclear and Polynuclear Cyano-complexes

Fig. 3, Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 2020 167 037510

Topic Close-up #9

Symposium: L07: Electrochemistry of Mononuclear and Polynuclear Cyano-complexes

Deadline for Submitting Abstracts:
April 22, 2022


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Symposium focus: This symposium aims to bring together researchers in different areas of inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry, as well as electrochemistry. The ultimate goal is to highlight the current state of the art of mono- and polynuclear cyanometallates with the emphasis on recent developments and innovative examples related to energy conversion and storage, electrochromism, electrocatalytic processes, and biosensing. Contributions are sought, but not limited to, papers investigating electrochemical properties leading to better understanding of the system’s physicochemical features and reaction mechanisms. In an effort to forge a stronger link between the experiential parameters and resulting properties of the cyanometallate systems, experimental and theoretical papers as well as contributions involving simulations and DFT calculations are welcome.

Check the Call for Papers for more information.


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