CorroZoom Webinar: Data-driven design and application of corrosion-resistant low-alloy steels

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Data-driven design and application of corrosion-resistant low-alloy steels 
Presenter: Xiaogang Li, University of Science and Technology Beijing
Date: November 18, 2021
Time: 0800h EST
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*Attendees will be able to pick to listen either to Prof. Li speak in Chinese or to a simultaneous translation. Q&A will also use simultaneous translation*

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Corrosion processes are affected by a variety of materials and environmental factors and can hardly be effectively interpreted and predicted using conventional ‘trial-and-error’ and experience-based approaches. Recently, the concept of ‘corrosion big data’ was proposed as a general framework to elucidate complex corrosion problems and to accelerate the design of corrosion-resistant materials, by integrating i) high-through corrosion data accumulation, ii) data standardization and organization, iii) data mining and modeling and iv) data sharing and applications. This talk will present a demonstration of this data-driven approach in the design and application of corrosion-resistant low-alloy steels. The corrosion processes of low-alloy steels with varying contents of Cr, Mo and Sn elements, as well as different microstructures and grain sizes are scrutinized based on corrosion-monitoring data obtained in field atmospheric environments. Furthermore, machining learning models are constructed to process the data for better understanding of the roles of different materials and environmental factors and for predicting atmospheric corrosion kinetics.


Xiaogang Li is a Professor at the Institute for Advanced Materials and Technology of University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB) and also at the Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Materials Genome Engineering. He is Director of National Materials Corrosion and Protection Data Center of China and Deputy President of Chinese Society for Corrosion and Protection (CSCP). His research interests include corrosion-resistant steels, localized corrosion, corrosion monitoring and corrosion modeling. He is a member of the advisory board of Corrosion Science and an associate editor of npj Materials Degradation. He is a Fellow of CSCP, EFC and NACE and received the W.R. Whitney Award and the Technical Achievement Award from NACE and two National Science and Technology Progress Awards.


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