CorroZoom: A New Free Corrosion Science Webinar Series

Gerald Frankel, Ohio State University Professor and Journal of The Electrochemical Society Corrosion Science and Technology Technical Editor, is hosting CorroZoom, a webinar series focusing on corrosion science. In this time of relative isolation from professional colleagues and friends, CorroZoom seeks to build and maintain a worldwide community of scientists with mutual interests in the area of corrosion science. The webinar series is free to everyone in the world. CorroZoom is not associated with any professional organization or society. An informal organizing committee selected the speakers. If the series is successful and the need persists, more speakers will be added.

The webinars are synchronous and live only—you must be logged on to participate. Each webinar includes an estimated 45-minute-long presentation, and discussion lasting about 15 minutes. Participants can submit questions to the speaker in the Zoom Q&A box which is managed by a moderator.

Start times by region follow. While the webinars always start at 0800h EST, note that after the March/April daylight savings time change, start times will differ in some locations.

0800h US EST
1300h Great Britain
1400h Continental Europe
1830h India
2100h China
2200h Japan
2400/0000h Australia Eastern

First CorroZoom Webinar

18 January, 2021, at 0800h US EST

You must register in advance for this webinar (registration is free):

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Characterization of Surface Oxidation, Passivation, and Corrosion Processes at the Nanoscale

Philippe Marcus

CNRS – Chimie ParisTech, PSL University
Institut de Recherche de Chimie Paris,
Physical Chemistry of Surfaces Research Group (PCS)
11 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 75005 Paris, France

Corrosion-induced failures of materials are observed at the macroscopic scale, but corrosion processes are surface processes taking place at the nanoscale and initiated at the atomic scale. Understanding corrosion of metal surfaces at atomic/nanometric scale is a key to a better design and an improved control of engineering metals and protective coatings. This talk focuses on a surface science approach of corrosion and protection of metals and alloys. The topics include key factors for the stability of surface oxide films on metals and alloys, and key features of organic molecule-oxide-metal interactions for corrosion inhibition. The presented data is based on the application of advanced surface analytical techniques, combined with electrochemical measurements and DFT modeling.

CorroZoom Speaker Schedule
Links to register for future CorroZoom webinars will be sent before the webinar date.




18 Jan., 2021

Philippe Marcus, CNRS, Chimie ParisTech

Characterization of Surface Oxidation, Passivation, and Corrosion Processes at the Nanoscale

24 Feb., 2021

Nick Birbilis, Australian National University

Corrosion of Additive Manufactured Materials

12 Mar., 2021

John Scully, University of Virginia

Corrosion and Passivation of Multi Principal Element Alloys in Aqueous Solutions

9 Apr.,  2021

Gerald Frankel, Ohio State University

A Framework for Pitting Corrosion Based on Pit Growth Stability

18 May., 2021

Sanna Virtanen, University of Erlangen

Respirometric Measurements of Corrosion Processes

9 Jun., 2021

Anton Kokalj, Jožef Stefan Institute

Molecular Modeling of Corrosion Inhibitors


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