Dai Shen Talks Travel Grant

Dai Shen

Dai Shen says the travel grant lead to opportunities.

The travel grant recipient shares his first-hand experience.

Meet Dai Shen. He is a graduate student at Case Western Reserve University and received an ECS travel grant to attend his first ECS meeting — the 232nd ECS Meeting in National Harbor, Maryland. Every meeting, ECS awards a number of travel grants to defray the costs of attending our meetings. This provides an invaluable experience for students and early career scientists and engineers.

Unfortunately, we only have the funding to support 52% of requests at AiMES. You can change that for future meetings by donating today!

How did the grant impact Dai’s career?

  • Helped with costs for attending the meeting
  • Honed his presentation skills
  • Exposed him to networking and professional development opportunities
  • Got him invited to the electrodeposition luncheon
  • Met authors he admired
  • Learned about what others were researching
  • Received invaluable feedback about his own research

“I remember Charles Hussey, who is the technical editor of the Journal of the Electrochemical Society,” says Dai, “he was in the audience when I presented and he made some great observations and asked me about specific points in my project that I totally didn’t think about before. He gave me some insight on what to study next.”

ECS supports as many students like Dai Shen as it can, but unfortunately, the Society has limited budgets and resources. Would you consider helping more students participate at our meetings?

Donate today so Dai and his fellow students can attend ECS meetings in 2019 and beyond.

Many students cannot afford the costs of travel and accommodation. Even though ECS tries its best to reduce the associated costs, there are always young people who need your help starting their careers.

Donate now

Roque Calvo Next Generation Fund: Support student travel grants for AiMES and PRiME meetings.

Mail a check to The Electrochemical Society, 65 S Main St. Building D, Pennington, NJ 08534. Be sure to write Roque Calvo Fund in the memo section.

To discuss more gift options, please email development@electrochem.org or call 609-737-1902 ext. 102.

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